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Rai X
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Current Residence: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Everything, with certain exceptions
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Wallpaper of choice: Anything anime!
Favourite cartoon character: Felix the cat, Roy Mustang, Sokka, Sanosuke Sagara
Personal Quote: "Let me tell you something,/Perfect does not mean it does whatever you want."
Happy New Year, and such!

Decided on a whim to do another 365 project, even though my last one didn't go too well. I'm not hosting it on dA though, because I don't really like the thought of filling my gallery with 365 deviations of dubious quality.

So I made a tumblr to post it on, which can be found here:

One of my goals for the year is to do something artistic every day, so hopefully there will be some more submissions here on dA as well.
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  • Listening to: Darkening of the Light - Concrete Blonde
  • Reading: The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts 1, 9/9/9, Pokemon X
  • Drinking: Lots of water


"I summon those who are kin to flame." Ermine spoke to the fire blazing before her eyes, it's heat licking from red to blue. "I call you forth from the lava of the earth, from the fire of the sun. With your name I summon you and call you forth." she spoke the words of the spell, then spoke the name she had barely dared to write down, every syllable memorized until there was no room for a mistake. That name was the only security she had.
The heat is what she felt first. What had come from the fire multiplied tenfold, but she kept her eyes open despite the stinging tears. The flames deepened, a dark indigo blue against wood now white with ash, and from them a figure began to form.
Ermine sat with her back straight, staring straight at the Djinn. Hopefully this would show she was not afraid, although she figured the Djinn was used to people lying about that by now.
"You seem a little young to be calling." it said, glancing at her through narrow eyes as bright as coals.
When she spoke, she was surprised to hear her voice deepen in an attempt at maturity. "Nonetheless I called you. I have a desire I wish for you to fulfill."
Now the Djinn's eyes swept over more than just her. It took in the feathers scattered on the floor, the ring of salt she had set around herself before the fire. When it looked back into her eyes, its gaze scalded. "You know my name from somewhere, but don't be so vain as to think that places me at your beck and call. You're only a girl. What you wish can surely not be worth my price."
Ermine felt the sweat stand out on her palms, which she may have excused as a product of the heat, but she knew better. The Djinn did too.
She began to doubt her wish, but even so, she found her lips moving of their own accord. "There's someone I need you to kill." the moment the words filled the air she wanted to take them back. Staring at the deep blue flames of the Djinn made her feel so young, so foolish. So unlike the experienced witch she was.
It spoke in a voice like the flicker of flames, a voice that burned just the same. "Normally I might toy with a mortal as foolish as you, but there's no sport in this." It spat that last phrase at her, and the fire sizzled in the hearth, the shadows dancing over the dim room. "You ask for power which you don't understand. Is this really something you think you can control?" Its burning coal eyes stared at her, and she found herself unable to look away, even when she smelled the smoke of the feathers bursting into flame one by one. "Don't flinch away from this." the Djinn hissed, and her gaze was freed, if only to watch the screaming sizzle of the salt circle melting around her. The heat blew at her cloak, at her long hair, but not for long. A deep scorch mark surrounded her in the stone floor, and she returned her gaze to the Djinn in the hearth. Its face bore a smile like molten gold. "Remember this the next time you think it wise to mess with things out of your control. It would be best to forget that name you've so dutifully memorized." It reached out with hands of crawling flame, laying them daintily under her chin. "And child, kill what you can with your own two hands."
Her breath was stolen from her lungs as the fire whirled in on itself, blue flames transforming into gold, and then to nothing at all. The hearth smoldered, logs and grate turned to ash all the same. Ermine breathed deep the smoky air, and suddenly felt very, very, cold.

An Offer to Refuse
I debated about putting this up cause it's rough un-edited stuff that I just did because a writing prompt inspired me a bit. But here it is.
The Djinn stuff was heavily inspired by Elizabeth Bear's Eternal Sky trilogy because I don't otherwise know a lot about Djinns ^^'
The title is also just something I made up on the spot and it might not even apply to the story in any significant way!

Anyway, it's a response to this writing prompt:…
don'tcry version 1 by Rai-Starstreak
don'tcry version 1
I just wanted to take a picture of it before I put the hair bows on, for documentation
08. Big Girls Don't Cry by Rai-Starstreak
08. Big Girls Don't Cry
I am doing a sort of project using bus transfers. I look up the song that was at #1 on the charts for the day of the transfer, and do some work in my sketchbook based around that song, and including the transfer.

I remember this song being on the radio a lot, particularly while I was working in my fashion class. The teacher really didn't like the song and always made the class change the station if it came on. I didn't particularly care for it either (cause I'm such a fan of crying) but I don't mind it now. I originally had another concept for this one because it's such a rainy song, I wanted to do something to that effect. However, this idea came to me when I went to work on it, so that's what I went with. I only had a single transfer, from July 24 2007, so I went with the hair bow idea, because it's very girlish I think. I've wanted to get away from using paint in these projects, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Number One Song On This Date:…
07. Just Give Me a Reason by Rai-Starstreak
07. Just Give Me a Reason
I am doing a sort of project using bus transfers. I look up the song that was at #1 on the charts for the day of the transfer, and do some work in my sketchbook based around that song, and including the transfer.

This song has a really classic feel to it, so I had the idea of some sort of dark damask pattern. Black and gold are also colours that remind me of this song, so I came up with this. It looks better in person because you can see the shine of the gold paint.
The transfers I used were from May 4th-23rd, 2013. I went by the Canadian charts for this and was pleasantly surprised to see this song, because I'm already a fan of Nate Ruess, who sings on it.

Number One Song On This Date:…

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